Dell Inspiron 530 BIOS Update

The Inspiron 530 has quickly become quite a popular system… especially for the bargain-hunters out there. So, I’m happy to report that BIOS 1.0.5 was released late last week. It fixes some nasty issues that were introduced in 1.0.3… so everyone should head on over to, download, and update.

Update: Old post, but popular on Google. Current BIOS version for the first-gen Inspiron 530 stands at 1.0.18. (The Inspiron 530b stands at BIOS 1.0.2).

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  1. Phil Durgin
    Phil Durgin July 25, 2008 at 2:52 pm |

    Dell now has the 1.0.15 bios released.

    I use Windows XP x64 in this system and while the 1.0.13 bios update fixed some memory problems, the new 1.0.15 bios booted my system significantly faster than before.

    The updated microcode that came as part of the 1.0.15 bios seems to have fixed something within the Inspiron 530 that now allows it to load the OS at breakneck speed.


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