Leopard Preview Does Instant Alpha

Leopard Preview Does Instant Alpha

One of the major irkers about iWork ’08 is that it doesn’t allow you to save those great instant-alpha channel images you can whip up in Keynote and Pages. But, here’s the good news, Preview in Leopard has the same Instant Alpha tools… and actually, they’re even improved from what was in iWork ’08. And […]

Leopard Boot Camp Lacks Fast Booting

As rumored, another favorite Leopard feature did indeed get the axe. Leopard Boot Camp does not offer the “Switch to Windows” option that would quickly allow for switching between Mac OS X and Windows. The feature appeared on Apple’s web site, and basically worked by taking advantage of each operating system’s hibernation (safe sleep) modes. […]

Leopard Mail + Unsigned SSLs = Brick Wall

No, this isn’t the unofficial Leopard blog… but Leopard is out today and I’m finally free to talk about it fully. A lot of people use cPanel. It’s a great front-end for managing web servers. And, it offers a lot of services quickly and easily. One of the things it offers is email with SSL […]

Windows Home Server & Time Machine Fall Apart

Despite what Microsoft said, Windows Home Server and Leopard Time Machine won’t work together. You cannot use your Windows Home Server shared storage as a backup target for Time Machine. Microsoft had said they were a “great drive share for Time Machine”, so what happened? Apple killed SMB (Windows Sharing) support for Time Machine, that’s […]

Leopard Blocks Disks on the Dock

And, the first real hinderance in Leopard leaks onto the web. While Leopard has added stacks, Apple has removed the ability to place your hard disk on the dock. Why is (or rather, was) a powerful feature? Multiple reasons. First, you could control-click on the drive and gain a pop-up menu that lets you browse […]

Best Buy Clearances & You

Best Buy over the past few months has streamlined their clearancing system. It’s now easy to find out what’s on clearance, what will be on clearance, and how to get it. Unfortunately for Best Buy, it’s also very easy to exploit.

Leopard Lacks Classic

Apple has posted a support note that says that Classic will no longer work with PowerPC systems that have been upgraded to Mac OS X Leopard. While this was expected on Intel-based systems… keep in mind that you won’t be able to run OS 9 applications on your PowerPC Mac, once it has been upgraded […]

Wired Got the Message on PS3

Wired Got the Message on PS3

Looks like I’m not alone on pointing out that PlayStation 3’s aren’t a simple purchasing decision. Wired whipped up this nice diagram just to show how much of a mess things are. What next, Sony? PlayStation 3 Ultimate Edition? Can’t wait for the first service pack… Wired did get one thing wrong on it however… […]

TSBs, (Silent) Recalls, oh, and Headaches

Okay, I’m more than willing to say that this week hasn’t been that great in terms of nomenclature. When the whole LX160 recall-not-recall-TSB-mess rang phones from California to Virginia. And, as many times in the past, the messenger got the most arrows. Now, I’m not here to rehash things. Many think this was simply a […]

Deal: Zune 1G hits $80

Deal: Zune 1G hits $80

For the first time, Woot.com is offering the first-generation Microsoft Zune in brown for $79.99 (plus $5 shipping). At this price, it’s competitive with portable hard drives (and you can hack it to double as one, too). This is a great counterpart for your iPhone (assuming you have a Windows PC), as you can take […]