Deal: Zune 1G hits $80

Deal: Zune 1G hits $80

For the first time, is offering the first-generation Microsoft Zune in brown for $79.99 (plus $5 shipping). At this price, it’s competitive with portable hard drives (and you can hack it to double as one, too). This is a great counterpart for your iPhone (assuming you have a Windows PC), as you can take […]

Front-loading the Blog…

Yeah, a lot is happening around here. But, hey, when is it not? Next week, I’ll be juggling CTIA Wireless IT expo, so this blog may not get all the care it deserves over the next week (though tune in to full coverage of the show on But, fear not! Things will start to […]

No iPhone Version Here

Yes, there are now plenty of iPhone modifications that will make blogs iPhone friendly. I’m choosing to buck the trend… I’ve decided to pass on the iPhone enhancements here. Why? Because I think that iPhone is powerful enough to handle the full experience… mobile versions of web sites are a step down in quality, […]

Live Search Maps Gadget Mess (Updated)

Live Search Maps Gadget Mess (Updated)

This is hands-down my favorite gadget for Windows Vista Sidebar. The Live Search Maps gadget gives you live traffic on your desktop, and in a very non-intrusive way. It’s great for checking the local traffic, to see if you should put off that quick shopping run by an hour or so. It has already saved […]

Building the Next Generation Windows Home Server

Building the Next Generation Windows Home Server

Tonight, I finally got around to setting up my Windows Home Server… although I’ve been testing the betas since it stopped being called “Q”. My new system is pretty much identical to the old one, Intel Celeron D, but with bumped up case (Antec Sonata), Graphics (Radeon X700) and Chipset (Intel D915). Overpowered, but hey, […]

Drive-bys Pick Up Comcast BitTorrent Throttling

The Associate Press today covered Comcast throttling BitTorrent traffic. And this, of course caused the drive-by blog world to pick up on the story… as if it were brand new news. Of course, it’s not new news, and it has been happening for awhile. I’ve personally encouraged you to call and email Comcast (1-800-COMCAST and […]

Mozy for PC Updated to

Yet another non-descript Mozy update. The online backup service was acquired this month by EMC… yet another great startup getting bought by another… company (you thought I was going to say great there, didn’t you). The version for Windows now stands at The Mac version (though not updated) is still in beta at version […]

ARMing iPhone for Apps

As I blogged last time, Apple would have preferred to wait for iPhone to be on Intel before opening the device up to third-party software. Thankfully though, Apple has done the right thing, and announced iPhone will be open to third-party software. I only blew a few blood vessels over this whole (insert nicer word […]

Fox Business in HD

Fox just ran some new network-promos for the Fox Business Network, set to launch this week (tomorrow, actually). The good news is, as I (and I’m sure many others) suggested to Mr. Cavuto in the past… that it is going to be in full HD. This makes FBN the first cable news channel to run […]

iPod touch Gets Mail

I was one of the first to point out that iPod touch lacked Mail. And, I also predicted that hackers would manage to get the job done, and carry the app over from iPhone. Sure enough, Engadget is reporting that this has indeed happened… though details of the workflow are forthcoming. The code, of course, […]