Dude, I’m Glad I Got a Dell (Updated)

As I noted on the PhoneNews.com Blog… one of our workhorse PCs failed. It was determined at first (on my end) to be a PSU failure. I’ve opined to friends and family the virtues of ordering a PC versus building your own. Now, granted, I can take PCs apart and put them back together all […]

Make BitTorrent Lemons into Lemonade

I am on vacation until the end of the month, but this post was done… and I’ll still be churning out reviews for phones over on PhoneNews.com… For those of you who have been looking for a way to get your big files fast (and no, not in the Sprint failed-ad-campaign sense), here’s an option […]

Dell, Give Folks Their 64-bit Media

I’m going to give Dell one warning. Give folks their 64-bit media for Vista, when they request it. Dell claims that OEM copies of Vista cannot be switched between 32-bit and 64-bit installs. This is flat out wrong, a photocopied misconception, and a rather shameful response by the world’s largest PC maker. For example, you […]

iTunes 7.4.1 Causing Store Woes? (Updated)

Many, including myself, have noticed that Apple’s iTunes 7.4.1 is causing problems with the iTunes Store. Specifically, people can purchase content, but when attempting to download, are told that “the iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable”. This has been happening for over 24 hours, and is reproduced by running the Check for Purchases… option from the […]

On Ads & Security & Privacy

Boy did I step in it. But, this time, hopefully in a productive way. A lot of questions about advertising have been raised, and with them… a few common misconceptions. I’m going to tackle one of them: The security and privacy concerns of viewing ads online. Ever since people learned that a cookie didn’t always […]

Deal: Walgreens Free Ink Refill

In case you missed the TV ads, Walgreens is offering today only a free ink cartridge refill in their stores. You just need to go to Walgreens.com and print a coupon (yeah, not helpful if you’re out of ink), and then click their store locator (which will help you find the nearest store with a […]

Comment of the Week

Just a new idea I’m trying out. Once a week, I’ll take a comment I make from elsewhere on the web, and turn it into a blog entry. Nothing will change (not even to refine it)… except I will go out of the way to linkify it completely. The idea here is that it will […]

Upcoming Break

Sure, the blog isn’t a month old. But I will be taking a couple of weeks off from the web, starting Friday. Don’t worry, I’ll be back around the first of October. PhoneNews.com will be fine, and I’ll be around in case anything breaks.