Live from Black Friday…

Shopping in my area has become an arms race over the years. I remember when I would be standing outside Staples, head over to Circuit City… and still get all the deals. Then the lines started. Getting in the first ten slots was easy. Now, I drive over and find the spot in line outside […]

Best Friday Deal: Office 2004 & 2008 for Mac – $32 AR

Microsoft’s Mac team is rolling out what they call the “Best. Friday. Deal.” Considering the lukewarm Black Friday deals (and yes, I will keep calling them that at every opportunity)… they may be right. Friday (that’s today in about 90 minutes)… you can get Office 2004 for Mac, Student & Teacher Edition for only $32 […]

NiGHTS Heads to PS2, too

NiGHTS Heads to PS2, too

One of my favorite games, NiGHTS, is headed to Nintendo Wii. And I, as a loyal Sega drone, am obligated to buy it (oh, and I guess I need a Wii for that too). Now you know why I’ve been talking up EDTVs so much. But, Sega today announced that NiGHTS is also coming to […]

Let the Deals Begin!

Here’s what I’ve picked up so far this morning online… feel free to follow the links to follow in my footsteps. Probably the best part about this Black Friday (lukewarm deals aside)… is that I don’t feel any need at all to camp out. I can sleep, and start printing out rebate forms. Best Buy […]

Best Buy: A few dollars more…

In case you haven’t heard from the rest of the web, Best Buy has posted a few more deals, after the lukewarm response to their initial offering. Now, this actually isn’t a case of consumer feedback… Best Buy was holding these deals back all along. Still, the deals aren’t that great here either. Almost all […]

MWSF: Marriot Not Sold Out

Despite what the main page says, the Marriott is not sold out at the $219 rate. It appears they are only sold out for the four-day show. So, if you just want to bop into town for the keynote and maybe a day or two of the show… you can still lock in an excellent […]

No Verizon FiOS Anytime Soon for Bay Area

I will be moving within the next year, and I’m unfortunately in a bind. Craving bandwidth and California’s Bay Area just don’t seem to be getting along. Verizon’s FiOS has long been a holdout for many, with Verizon’s expansive deployment and perpetually-upping of bandwidth speeds (they hit 50 mbps tiers this week), it hasn’t been […]