Windows Home Server + Router Gathering More Attention

Paul Thurrott’s review of Windows Home Server ends on a very similar note to my previous WIndows Home Server article. Windows Home Server OEMs would benefit from integrating a wireless router into the box, easing configuration and reducing the number of boxes and cables to add a home server to your network. In fact, the […]

TM Manager hacks Time Machine Back to the Future

A hack has leaked onto the web via BitTorrent circles that opens back up lost Time Machine support. It’s a basic AppleScript that, when executed, enables full networking support for Time Machine. That means that you’ll be able to Time Machine backup to AirPort disks, Windows Shares, as well as Windows Home Server. Bear in […]

Coming Soon: The Mac OS Tune-Up

In the vein of AutoPatcher, I will be posting shortly a list of every Mac OS software update that will bring each generation of Mac OS to the most current possible. This will let you head on over to Apple’s site, and roll-your-own flash drive that has every Mac OS update out there. Why would […]

12-inch PowerBooks Feel Leopard Menu Bar Burn

Leopard to PowerBook 12-inch: Burn! Yes, that’s right, 12-inch PowerBook owners have been dissed by Leopard. Later-generation 12-inch PowerBook G4s came with GeForce FX 5200 Go graphics. Now, that meets the Core Image requirements… which is important in Leopard, as the translucent menu bar is driven by Core Image. But, for some reason, 12-inch PowerBook […]

Apple: Is Phone Off That Hard?

I’ll admit it, I don’t use my iPhone as a phone. I use it as a PDA, a data device, as everything but chatting on the phone. I use it on GoPhone Pick Your Plan and plan to cash out my unused airtime after a year. It’s a data device, and after that little trick… […]

Apple Seagate MacBook Drive Headed for Recall?

A British hard drive recovery company believes they’ve found a defect in Seagate 2.5-inch SATA drives shipped in MacBooks. The drives are not specific to Apple, but because Apple is one of the primary companies that ordered the drive, it appears to be hitting Apple systems the most. The drives all shipped with firmware version […]

MS Broadband Cards Enhanced Under Vista

MS Broadband Cards Enhanced Under Vista

Despite Microsoft abandoning sales of its wireless networking gear, it looks like they’ve been enhanced a bit under Windows Vista. First, no more need to install some extrememly-unnecessary junkware in order to get the drivers… Vista just auto-installs them. That was expected however. What was unexpected, was my MN-720 suddenly (and finally) started talking to […]

Toshiba Satellite 5005… The Saga Continues

Toshiba Satellite 5005... The Saga Continues

It happens sooner or later to everyone in the tech industry. They find one laptop or another that they really, really like. If you’ve stumbled onto actively-updated web sites dedicated to really old laptops… you’ve seen a case of this. Even happens on desktop systems, the Macintosh Color Classic being the most common in Japan. […]