One WHS Gripe Deserves Another…

Following on the last post, that reminds me of a WHS bug that folks complained about big time during the beta. For some reason, it didn’t get fixed, and can’t be worked around by the user. The bug? Windows Media Center Recorded TV is not backed up on PCs. Yes, that means that all your […]

Be Careful Rebooting Home Server (And Backup!)

Philip Churchill’s WHS blog posted an important note about Windows Home Server: be careful when you chose to reboot it. Most people will never manually reboot their Windows Home Server. However, a lot of tech-savvy people chose to tinker around, expand what their home server can do, and use it like a traditional Window Server. […]

Apple Addresses Back to My Mac Security

After much criticism about the security of Apple’s Back to My Mac feature in Mac OS X Leopard, Apple has posted a guide that details the security issues, and what steps users should take to secure their systems while using the service. Back to My Mac combines several network technologies to ease remote access of […]

Coupons for Black Friday

One of the things I admit, I haven’t taken advantage of, is coupons on the day of Black Friday. Now, on most years, you aren’t missing out on much… retailers have suspended coupons (or set the to expire before) Black Friday. Not this year… there are many coupons that are live that you should take […]

Wal-Mart’s Black Friday Ad

I’m posting the Wal-Mart Black Friday ad. CNN has started posting some of the deals from the ad, and despite Wal-Mart previously threatening some web sites… they appear to have changed their tune after receiving a lot of complaints about the anti-first-amendment policy. Note: I’m far from a Wal-Mart basher, actually, I’m a shareholder… they […]

Where Have All the EDTVs Gone?

With all the Black Friday deals now seven days (plus a few hours) and counting… I’ve had another letdown… not one retailer is pushing an EDTV. Now, you might think I’m crazy for wanting an EDTV when HDTVs are so cheap, but there are a few reasons. For those that don’t know, EDTV represents TVs […]

Second-Gen Zune 30 Can’t do Component

If you were thinking about buying a Zune 30 (now that it has second-generation firmware), Microsoft has put in very tiny print that you won’t be able to use component video-out with it. Only the Zune 80 can use component video… despite both using the same second-generation dock.Here’s the straight talk from Microsoft: “If you […]

Safari 3.0.4 for Windows Released

Safari for Windows has been updated to 3.0.4 (still in beta on PC side, but Mac is finally final on 10.4.11… 10.5 of course also being final). You can download it from Safari’s web site or by running Apple Software Update. In all the fury of Apple’s updates today (there were plenty to go around), […]

Xbox 360 Controller Driver for Windows Updated

In addition to security updates, and Zune 2.0, Microsoft’s latest Patch Tuesday dropped an unexpected gift: An updated Xbox 360 controler driver for Windows. The driver is dated 11/12, but the info on the driver still points back to the older August update… in other words, we don’t know what Microsoft changed. But, you can […]