Macword 2008: The First Draft

About this time, over in Cupertino, the team that handles the keynote gets together… actually it starts anywhere from 90 to 60 days from the day of the big show. Now, lots of people will tell you what is coming to Macworld Expo the week/day/hour before the big show… I’m going to lay out the […]

Speaking of Java…

As many have pointed out, Java 6 SE is missing from Mac OS X Leopard. Apple had committed to Java 6 SE, and even seeded a preview for Tiger, to give developers a head start. Now, Leopard is out, Java 6 SE is missing, and there is silence from Cupertino. I am not suggesting that […]

Leopard Issues Surround New Features

A lot of people are complaining about features in Mac OS X Leopard being buggy. And, they do have a point… some features are buggy. However, I think people are missing an important point: The vast majority of issues are surrounding features that were not in Mac OS X Tiger. For example, there are significant […]

Goldeneye: Source Alive and Well

Goldeneye: Source Alive and Well

Great news for fans of Goldeneye, the amazing independent port of it to Valve’s Source engine is alive and well, after a hiatus since its beta release. For those that haven’t yet played it, Goldeneye: Source aims to re-create and enhance the genre-defining Nintendo 64 game, Goldeney, created by Rare back in 1997. The beta […]

Circuit City Saves Black Friday

As luck would have it, no less than two minutes after I post the Best Buy article below… then what do I find in my inbox? Why the Circuit City Black Friday ad scans. Of course, download link at the bottom. There are much better deals here, thanks to the reward of mail-in rebates (and […]

Best Buy Black Friday Deals Leak, Lukewarm

As usual, all the Black Friday ads have leaked onto the web from various sources, and others have leaked the Best Buy ad. You can download it at the bottom of this article… Best Buy for years has been known for people camping outside their stores, just like all the other retailers. The main reason […]

Windows Home Server + Router Gathering More Attention

Paul Thurrott’s review of Windows Home Server ends on a very similar note to my previous WIndows Home Server article. Windows Home Server OEMs would benefit from integrating a wireless router into the box, easing configuration and reducing the number of boxes and cables to add a home server to your network. In fact, the […]

TM Manager hacks Time Machine Back to the Future

A hack has leaked onto the web via BitTorrent circles that opens back up lost Time Machine support. It’s a basic AppleScript that, when executed, enables full networking support for Time Machine. That means that you’ll be able to Time Machine backup to AirPort disks, Windows Shares, as well as Windows Home Server. Bear in […]

Coming Soon: The Mac OS Tune-Up

In the vein of AutoPatcher, I will be posting shortly a list of every Mac OS software update that will bring each generation of Mac OS to the most current possible. This will let you head on over to Apple’s site, and roll-your-own flash drive that has every Mac OS update out there. Why would […]