On New Hosting… Oh, and Bungie…

Like PhoneNews.com, my blog has also made the jump to RapidVPS hosting. Took a bit longer to get things back up-and-running because PhoneNews.com took priority.

On a completely unrelated note, Bungie has confirmed they’re going independent. A lot of people have said that this means Apple & Bungie working together are a no-go… but this is incorrect. Bungie has said they plan to remain independent and that this doesn’t rule out future Mac/Apple titles.

Personally, I think people make too much of a distinction between first, second, and third-party developers. Granted, having a first-party developer ensures your platform gets exclusives… but it doesn’t ensure keeping a developer or their titles. If a developer wants to leave… they just all can stand up and take their laptops with them out of the office. At that point, would Microsoft really be interested in making Halo games with no Halo team? As much as I think the answer actually is yes, they know that would sell well with the typical gamer.

It would be a bit funny though to see Microsoft try to make Halo games without the advising of Bungie… only because of how dismal a failure it would be (even Halo Wars, just a good RTS with Halo mixed in, had mountains of help from Bungie in the structure and planning). I’m sure as part of the concessions, Microsoft ensured Halo would remain exclusive for some time on Xbox however… even though Microsoft makes $300 Million in a week from Halo 3, they aren’t just going to give Bungie their trademarks back either.

If this post sounds like a headache, well, it is. Hosting is a pain to switch, and Bungie leaving Microsoft isn’t easy either. Both require jumping a lot of hurdles, and both aren’t always clear processes.

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