RSS Now Works… FeedBurner Bug Found!

I apologize if you had issues subscribing to RSS earlier today. Those issues should be resolved. The problem was caused by a bug with FeedBurner in how they formatted our feed. It appears to be isolated to their browser-friendly-formatting add-on, which I have disabled. It’s not really necessary anymore, the only real advantage is for […]

Use FileVault… for Some Stuff

One of the things that has bugged me about Mac OS X’s FileVault is that it has lacked the ability to encrypt by-folder. I don’t want my massive Final Cut Studio documents to be encrypted… or worse, corrupted in the event of a (rare) FileVault failure during a system crash (even rarer on Mac). But, […]

Yes, I’m Blogging

Hi everyone, welcome to my first foray into personal blogging. You probably know me as the editor-in-chief of So, why should you bookmark/subscribe to this blog? Because I’m going to be taking on the rest of the electronics industry on this blog. It would be quite a bit redundant to post wireless industry content […]