Whirlwind of Things…

Making the transition to running a dot com startup is something I’m actually quite thrilled about. But, at the same time, it means I have to multitask countless things at once. In case you haven’t heard, MechaWorks is the new parent company that will be my main job. It combines the worlds of publishing, software development, and consulting all under one company.

The main focus of this week for me will be a full audit of PhoneNews.com. I want to get PhoneNews.com at the tip-top shape before doing any expanding. This will mean another big push on getting new writers onboard, as well as cleaning the cobwebs out of the Phone Encyclopedia (there are a few, but there’s also a list developing so we can tackle each of them).

Tomorrow night, I’ll be meeting with some of the S60 team at Nokia, more on that later today on PhoneNews.com.

To top it all off, I have to pick a new headquarters. As much as Davis, CA is a nice town… it’s just not for me. I like a balance of urban sprawl and community. Davis choses to ban just about anything urban. Ideally, I’d like to chose a location that will let me open an office for MechaWorks (eventually… we’re quite a long ways away from doing that).

Oh, and did I mention that we’re squarely in the bootstrapping phase of a startup? That means every single penny has to be watched carefully. So, this week is about optimizing, looking at the bigger picture, and trimming the fat.

More importantly for me personally, is that I’m having a blast doing it.

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