TM Manager hacks Time Machine Back to the Future

A hack has leaked onto the web via BitTorrent circles that opens back up lost Time Machine support. It’s a basic AppleScript that, when executed, enables full networking support for Time Machine. That means that you’ll be able to Time Machine backup to AirPort disks, Windows Shares, as well as Windows Home Server.

Bear in mind, these AppleScripts have had minimal testing, and are not considered safe by me. I am only posting them below for your testing. They could contain other AppleScript code that could cause problems… or potentially be malicious. I’ve tested them as best as I can, they appear to not cause any problems. As soon as I can get someone to post the enabling code, I’ll make an unlocked AppleScript that does the same so that it can be properly vetted. You’ve been warned.

Also, bear in mind, Apple disabled SMB support for Time Machine for a reason… it’s buggy! Your system will be more prone to crash, backups will be much more likely to fail at random. If you don’t want any of this, don’t install, and go tell Apple that you want official support. They announced it, make them realize you want it.

The interesting thing about this hack, is that unlike the hacks before it, it appears to modify something on the Mac, rather on the foreign share. This allows you to see all shares immediately, rather than one at a time.

Thanks to the people that sent this along, and to the people that left the debug option in Time Machine…


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