About That Half-Hiatus

I haven’t made it a quiet matter about being half-not-online these past 10 weeks. This actually was an intensified version of what has been happening the past four years.

But, that is now over. Because, as of today, I am a graduate of the University of California, Davis. My Managerial Economics degree is on its way to the printer right now.

What does that mean? Well, it means that PhoneNews.com is the result of one hand tied behind my back… and a great team to follow it up. I’d like to personally thank Humberto Saabedra, who has been on hand through most of it.

I made a decision years ago that I did not want to be considered a “college student”. The efforts at PhoneNews.com certainly should stand on their own, as do the postings here. I realize most consider it to be a compliment that I have been juggling school and all this… but to me it felt like a scarlet letter. So, I just kept quiet about it.

So, first and foremost, PhoneNews.com is now my “day job”. And, you’re going to see noticeable improvements because of that.

But, that’s only the beginning. In the coming few weeks, you’re going to see a lot of reorganization. I’m working on building a parent company for PhoneNews.com, which will allow me to develop quite a few new things.

I’ll have a lot of more details really soon, but I can say that there will be three fields that we’ll be working in: Publishing (so you’ll see more sites like PhoneNews.com in the future), Software (so you’ll see more job postings in the future), and Consulting (more on that… Saturday).

Thinks are really going to pick up speed now around here. And, I want to thank you personally for tuning in during all this… we’ve got a lot of great projects that are just getting started, and I hope to show you some of those very soon.

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