And the winner, for largest time waster of the week is?

No, it’s not a web site, it’s sending hate mail to the anonymous SMS tip line. Yes, that’s right, people have been sending hate mail to 916-380-9429 plenty of times over the past week.

I just find it funny that our detractors chose to waste their time on such childish behavior. It takes them time (and in some cases I’m sure, money) to send messages to that inbox. It takes us all of a split-second to press the delete button.

Oh, and don’t bother with the hate mail on the comments. While that’s not new, as you’ve seen over the past week, we’ve been able to mitigate that with just as much ease. Now, I hope that our detractors will go and spend their time with something productive, like community service. Help stop the animosity, and instead try to make the world a better place. Hey, it’s not my time they’re wasting…

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