And then there was 3.0.3…

WordPress 3.0.3 is now out, making my last blog post seem a little outdated. It fixes another nasty security bug, so please, head on over to (or your admin panel) to update.

This security update was on a tight turnaround, so be sure to go to your Plugins or Updates tab and re-update Akismet to 2.5.0 if it winds up back at 2.4.0.

Oh, and one final thing. Due to how WordPress upgrades, you’ll have to manually click over to Updates and Plugins to have it re-pickup that Akismet needs to be upgraded. The badge next to Updates and Plugins won’t appear until after you leave the update confirmation page. It’s not a huge deal since Akismet 2.4 still works, but it’s never good to run old code.

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