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  1. MegaZone
    MegaZone March 13, 2008 at 9:45 pm |

    It is probably for the best – the FireWire port is an incomplete solution that would probably lead to customer frustration. It is fine – some channels are usually protected with DTCP (aka 5C). So, unless Apple did something to be allowed to record DTCP-protected content, they’d have the same issue as existing PC-FireWire recording software.

  2. Christopher Price
    Christopher Price March 13, 2008 at 9:53 pm |

    True to a point, but it still would have matched Microsoft’s current offering in Media Center. A standard Media Center system can only record SDTV unencrypted channels and OTA HD/digital channels. Now, you can buy an overpriced CableCARD system… but I don’t see that as a compelling offering to compete with Apple TV (something you add to your existing setup).

    But yes, 5C was the other half of the equation… before Apple TV went into development, 5C was used a lot less heavily… many cable providers reserved it just for premium channels (HBO, etc).

    However, once Apple TV surfaced, providers started to 5C all but local channels. The ones in violation of FCC mandate sometimes 5C’ed even over-the-air channels, which was a clear FCC violation. Others blocked the port via firmware.

    Had the law been upheld by the cable operators though, Apple would have been able to ensure at least over-the-air HDTV and SDTV (non-digital) access… which would have made Apple TV a much more compelling initial offering, and a true Media Center answer.


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