Christopher Price

An Idea for AutoPatcher: Roll Your Own (Updated)

A lot of my friends have chatted me up on AutoPatcher’s demise. And I’ve been thinking about the issue myself, especially after I had to start suggesting hotfixes again. But I have come up with a good idea on the matter. Some have, for awhile, scripted Microsoft’s download site to download all available updates for […]

Belkin N1 Vision: It Sinks!

Okay, fine, I didn’t put a $200 router into a tub of water and test if it floated. But the Belkin N1 Vision is the first 802.11n router that I’ve found which works well with Apple’s 802.11n cards (aside from Apple’s of course). Granted, performance is a bit slower (about 10 mbps on average). I […]

Mozy Update for PC Improves Reliability

Mozy has issued Mozy for Windows… and this update fixes some issues. While a change list isn’t available, I did notice that Mozy stopped trying to upload my Recorded TV folder (and usually, that required trashing the Mozy config, and reconfiguring). Of course, this was a Vista bug, so most of you didn’t notice […]

Dell Uploads BIOS Updates

Dell has posted quite a few BIOS updates in the past few days. I don’t have a complete list… but most of my Dell systems (including all my Core 2 systems) have been updated… including the Inspiron 520/530, Dimension 9200, and XPS 410. Needless to say, if you have a Dell system, you might want […]

We’re already mobile…

I was just putting up the finishing touches on the mobile version of… when I realized I forgot to note that is already mobile… so if you really want to hear what I have to say, no matter how small the screen… you can.

AirPort Extreme 802.11n Firmware 7.2.1

While I don’t plan on posting software updates on the blog (though, yes, it is one of the areas I am an authority on)… Apple rarely posts change lists for such firmware. One thing I immediately noticed with the new firmware is that it properly broadcasts custom DNSes to clients. Meaning, you can now set […]

Microsoft Strongarms AutoPatcher’s Demise

The AutoPatcher team today announced that Micorosft has threatened to sue them, if they do not shut down their project. For those of you that don’t know, AutoPatcher is a download that offers all available Windows Updates for a particular version of Windows (and recently, Microsoft Office) in a single file. This process had many […]

RSS Now Works… FeedBurner Bug Found!

I apologize if you had issues subscribing to RSS earlier today. Those issues should be resolved. The problem was caused by a bug with FeedBurner in how they formatted our feed. It appears to be isolated to their browser-friendly-formatting add-on, which I have disabled. It’s not really necessary anymore, the only real advantage is for […]

Use FileVault… for Some Stuff

One of the things that has bugged me about Mac OS X’s FileVault is that it has lacked the ability to encrypt by-folder. I don’t want my massive Final Cut Studio documents to be encrypted… or worse, corrupted in the event of a (rare) FileVault failure during a system crash (even rarer on Mac). But, […]