Download: Command & Conquer for Free (And Far Cry)

Electronic Arts is giving away a free copy of Command & Conquer Gold to download. They are celebrating their 12th anniversary of making Command & Conquer games. We’ve certainly seen some of those 12 years go to waste, but if you’ve enjoyed an RTS game, you’ve probably at least played a Command & Conquer game for awhile.

Like many old-game-re-released-for-free releases, this version has been re-tuned to work well on Windows XP. You do need to be able to burn ISOs, but that shouldn’t be too hard

But, be sure to download the Read Me file… it explains how to install the Windows XP update and tweak compatibility settings (why they didn’t script all this is beyond me, but hey, it’s free).

Update: Far Cry is also now free for download, if you want something a bit more modern. Unlike C&C however, it contains in-game advertising (hence the early freeness).

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