Balancing the Old and the New

If you’ve been reading, you’ve noticed I’ve gone back to breaking news again, on a regular basis.

Basically, I’ve been busy working on a new project, and I’ve left the staff to take care of the news. Why? Well, it would make sense if you saw what I’ve been working on (this is where I start talking about the big scope of things).

But, this article isn’t about all of that, this is about time management. When running a startup, you have no time, and worse… no time to manage it.

Tips you ask for? Well, I myself have started to step away from whiteboards, towards the more organized chaos of digital time management. I don’t suggest going anal-retentive and planning out every minute of your day in iCal. Rather, I find the best thing to do is make a list of all the things you need to get done, and then make a sub-set of that list for the goals that you think you can accomplish in the day. Periodically, I find it getting easier to delegate out the tasks that I can’t do in a day… and focus on those that I’m best at handling.

So, I’m taking significant more time to write articles. I’m good at it, and we’re understaffed on it. Rather, I’m making the time. Resource management and time management go hand in hand. And, while expanding the startup is always the goal of a chief executive, you have to balance that with keeping everything else afloat and top-notch.

Am I taking a break from that upcoming stuff? Not at all, it’s just a matter of stretching time to fit both tasks. We won’t be dropping any clues, but another jobs page update over on MechaWorks will give you something to salivate over.

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