Basking in the Fiber Glory

Yesterday, SureWest came out and deployed the fiber lines. I’m taking a personal day today to bask in its sheer light-refracting glory.

Just to give you some speed rates, I am now getting sustained speeds of 48 mbps down, and 56 mbps upstream. That means that I can email an entire DVD worth of information… in under 15 minutes.

When you start talking these speeds, latency (the response time) comes into question. I am getting about 8 ms over high speed connections.

What does all this add up to? loads in less than a second. That’s hot.

These speeds will be used for a lot of technological developments at both and MechaWorks. That makes the astronomical bandwidth bill of about $218 per month, a bit easier to stomach. Hey, per megabit that comes to $4.36 per megabit. Comcast charges $54/month for 8 mbps… I’m paying far less per bit.

Oh, and caps? SureWest says they really don’t understand all these ISPs capping left and right. They would love to offer gigabit internet, except Cisco can’t come up with routers and remote terminals fast enough.

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