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  1. wewa
    wewa September 17, 2013 at 12:42 pm |

    I am a RZ Silver for many years.
    I stopped shopping at BB earlier this year, after they constantly harassed me regarding returns.
    60 day returns mean nothing. Someone needs to do a class action against their false return policies in order to get sales.
    They tell you that the third party return verification company says I can’t return even 1 week old.
    And the manager I spoke to wanted to escort me out of the store.
    I spent over $10k last year at BB.
    Amazon, Costco, and Sams get my business now…

  2. Jay
    Jay September 19, 2013 at 10:52 am |

    This really pisses me off.

    I just purchased a new 3D HD TV and a TV cabinet from Worst Buy. After many years of declining the cashiers’ offers to obtain a Reward Zone card, I thought, since I’m spending enough money to qualify, I might as well reap the rewards with a Silver Premier membership. I read all about the SP benefits just two weeks ago, before making my purchase at a physical store and signing up for Reward Zone.

    Typical for Best Buy customer service, no one bothered to inform me of this significant change.

    Thanks a lot, Worst Buy!

    So, are the Geek Squad services (e.g. home TV calibration, Harmony remote programming, etc.) no longer offered with these premier memberships?

  3. Chris Henderson
    Chris Henderson September 27, 2013 at 1:39 pm |

    I called in for a Geek Squad TV calibration earlier in the week, 23 September 2013. It is and soon to be, was, a perk of Reward Zone Silver Membership to have your television calibrated once a year for no extra charge. I was told by the voice on the other end of the phone that the end of October 2013 is the end of in-house calibration service. I did not think to ask whether the calibration service was being totally phased out or if one could drag their 50+ inch television into the local Best Buy store for the complementary service.

    Every two to three years, I normally purchase a new Flat Panel Television due to the increase in picture quality during that time. I will no longer be shopping Best Buy for televisions. I purchased 3 televisions this year as presents for various family members. The least expensive was $430 US dollars (USD), the most expensive was $2700 USD. Even if I have a local Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) professional technician come to my house to calibrate my next television, the amount that I save by purchasing on-line will more than cover the cost of the professional calibration.

    I also discovered that the new Best Buy Extended Warranty on cell phones will soon be less worthwhile than the cellular phone carrier’s own extended warranties. I do not purchase those warranties, but I consider it worthwhile information for those who do.

    Hubert Joly, the current Best Buy CEO, is really helping to raise the stock price of the company, but I think that Best Buy will fail in the long term because of the extremely customer-hostile policies that it has adopted, unless new corporate management is introduced.


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