Delays & Additions

Good news: I’ve (well, we’ve, but the buck does stop with me) decided to make a Media Center web site. I’m getting linked so much, when it comes to Media Center, it’s time to make a site for the enthusiasts. No, not the folks that need to know their ATSC from their QAM. This will be for folks that are willing to take the time, research, and come back ready to bang their heads against a wall… all in the pursuit of TV greatness.

When’s it going to happen: We have a couple of launches in the queue. But, it will start going into development mid-month.

What’s the delay in the title for? Well, due to some nefarious realtors, my house fell through after the paperwork was done. While not homeless, I might as well be. Fear not, I’m not out anything… except for time.

So, I basically have to move twice. Once, well, now. And, another time in a few weeks. Double the anti-fun. I’ll keep you posted on updated timeframes.

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    joyce October 20, 2009 at 5:02 pm |

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