How Apple Could Solve iPhone App Overload, In One Day

I’m going to offer up my solution to the SpringBoard overload problem.

If you’re not familiar, with 60,000+ apps on the the App Store, many iPhone customers have downloaded over 100 apps. And, that means that SpringBoard (the Home Screen) has become full. Additional apps over the ~120 limit, fall off the screen. Now, in iPhone OS 3.0, you can launch “hidden” apps by typing their name into the Search iPhone/iPod area.

Of course, that is a useless solution. One then has to memorize and keep track of each app that is off of the home screen.

Here’s my solution. Add an option, when hitting delete on an app to “archive” them. Archived apps would then show up on the last page of SpringBoard, as a list… much like search results do in iPhone OS 3.0. Then, you could easily scroll through Apps that are archived, and launch them. The window can even have the alphabetical scrolling that iPod and Contacts offer for items.

Presto! Now people’s mainstream apps can stay on the Home Screen, and junk apps (which someone might use once every eon) can be archived on a single Home Screen page. Elegant, MobieHIG-compliant, and a simple solution to implement.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m about to wait for pigs to fly… then I’ll know it’s implemented.

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  1. tom
    tom July 11, 2009 at 7:39 am |

    no i think they should make categories like for the jailbroken ipods. you could have a favorite then all the other apps in one folder.


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