Jailbreakers Moving Storage: A Word of Caution

Yeah, I’ve been tinkering around with jailbreaking more than most. Why don’t I talk about it? Well, it’s not mainstream… it’s not simple anymore, and it’s a big time-waster for most people.

One thing I noticed with 1.1.3 was the need to store stuff off the small 300 MB partition. Apple is already pushing up against its limit, so hackers have come up with some crafty ways around that. Essentially, these tools start moving files off the 300 MB partition and putting in symbolic links to move the files back.

BossTool, one of the new apps that tries to make this idiot-proof, says to move font files before any other files. From my experience, that’s a bad idea… I’ve experienced constant lock ups since doing so. Here’s what I figure: font files have to be accessed constantly. iPod storage gets fragmented quickly. So, storing font files in a highly-fragmented space is probably not a good idea… and is probably causing the device to freeze up so much.

Storing applications on the iPod store first is a much better idea, since the app can be quit… a font can’t.

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