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  1. Daniel H.
    Daniel H. July 25, 2008 at 6:25 am |

    First off, Chris – thanks so much for getting me the invite to Live Mesh. I’ve been using LogMeIn for a long time (especially to my “Beyond TV” HTPC) and so it’s nice to have both for comparison purposes.

    Live Mesh – I like the automatic updating. I like the folder share, but I haven’t used it – because I have an 8GB flash drive. I don’t see the benefits of waiting for files to upload/download. Having said that – I left a file on my home desktop that I needed at work one day. I opened up Live Mesh, dragged the file from my home desktop and dropped it on my work laptop desktop – BAM. Done. It was sick.

    LogMeIn – It just works. Always. Every time. Except when logmein.com is blocked from my job with a really rude and scary message. Also, LogmeIn is always claiming my Firefox plug-in is out of date. I don’t understand how this could be.

    Here’s what I want/am missing – a good remote desktop solution for a Windows Mobile device (and even an iPod Touch/iPhone). Yes, I know there’s Remote Desktop for Windows Mobile, but I have Vista Home and XP Home. (I do have Vista Ultimate but I’m not going to install it just for that). I think Windows Mobile should have some sort of remote control desktop aspect that’s fast, works well, and doesn’t slow the device to a crawl. I currently use “Sailing Clicker” as a “touchpad mouse” for my HTPC, which is OK. But this comment isn’t about Sailing Clicker (haha).

    Chris – keep up the great writing. I actually have a question about Windows Mobile and WMWiFiRouter – I’ll email you. Thank you sir.

  2. Christopher Price
    Christopher Price July 27, 2008 at 1:40 pm |

    I did forget to mention that there is one instance of Live Mesh using glass effects. In a Live Mesh Remote Desktop session, the “connected to” prompt does use glass effects.

    However, this is consistent with Windows 7, which will dramatically cut back on glass effects… so that they stand out more when used.

    I do suspect that both Live Mesh and LogMeIn will begin launching access clients on a broad range of platforms (probably including iPhone). This is where LogMeIn has a key advantage, thanks to using open-sourced VNC technology. They can buy up existing VNC ports and use that core code to power a LogMeIn client for these mobile devices.

    LogMeIn already has a beta for Nokia Maemo tablets… for example.

  3. Dror
    Dror January 6, 2009 at 2:36 am |

    Performance – this is something that Mesh has still to catch on LogMeIn. its painfully slow.
    I completed a 2nd login using LogMeIn to the remote (home) computer before Mesh finished its login procedure.
    Then I saw the remote screen side-by-side. any change appears in LogMeIn, and only 2-3 seconds later on Mesh. Also, Mesh doesn’t “aggregate” the changes – you see them flicker fast, instead showing just the final view…


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