Liveblogging CableCARD TiVo HD Install Snafu

We’re one hour into Comcast’s debacle of getting a CableCARD into my TiVo HD. The process started a little before 2 PM.

Mind you, I avoided all the early adopter problems… or so I thought. The TiVo HD crashed once on the CableCARD pulling in data, and I’m convinced the first card is toast (based on looking up status codes). Last night, I completed basic setup and had the TiVo running all unencrypted channels just fine.

The installer is doing everything right on his end, it’s the network and the CableCARD that’s the problem.

The good news is, I am the “lucky” recipient of the first M-Card in my market. That means my TiVo only needs a single CableCARD, rather than two to operate. Why is that good news? Because Comcast decided to start charging people for having more than one CableCARD (to the tune of $1.75/month).

Regardless, my TiVo is hanging on a (nicely drawn) Acquiring Channel Information panel. The fun continues…

Update (3:20 PM): Comcast took my advice upon the Wrong Card State notification (which I suspect means the firmware update failed, and the card is dead). They’re getting a new card. 1 hour 20 minutes in.

Update (3:30 PM): Val status is verified. Now we should (emphasis, should) just be waiting for channel/guide data to flow in.

Update (3:35 PM): Success!

Digital channels are working, the CableCARD install has completed.


Obviously, CableCARD works. Well, it worked after one got fried. But, it’s clear CableCARD needs to improve in terms of ease-of-setup. I could have done it myself, but the typical consumer would have been lost. Comcast is preparing a self-install kit… I would strongly advise them to do so, but to discourage its use. That would satisfy the technically-inclined (like, me), and the general consumer (who would be ready to rip the cable drop out of the wall).

And, to Microsoft, please fix Media Center CableCARD… I shouldn’t have to own a TiVo.

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  1. Dan
    Dan May 2, 2008 at 3:41 pm |

    Mine took 3 weeks with Time Warner not too long ago, so good luck!

  2. Gizmo Lovers Blog
    Gizmo Lovers Blog May 2, 2008 at 4:51 pm |
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  4. Steve Wynn
    Steve Wynn November 12, 2008 at 8:56 am |

    I’m going through an agonizing saga with Comcast (Loudoun Co. VA) to get my Cablecard TiVo enabled. I think I’m the first one on this system as well. It authorized, but dozens of channels are missing.
    Tons of misinformation & inconsistent understanding of the idea of cabelcards… don’t get me started… I’d toss it out in a heartbeat but my neighborhood HOA bought into a ‘bulk rate’ deal…

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