Liveblogging Intel IDF Keynote

I don’t expect any major announcements at the keynote, but I’m in the front row… HD camcorder on and ready. If anything happens, I’ll post in this article.

8:25: The keynote is underway, but I wanted to point out that we’ll be posting it in full 720p HD on, hopefully tonight. This is something that we also aimed to do with LinuxWorld, but the quality wasn’t high enough (we may still post that on the blog though).

8:34: In case you’re wondering what’s up, Intel Chairman Craig Barrett is talking up the importance of education, especially in developing markets. He just struggled to say the letters OLPC.

8:38: And now, a demo of the infamous Wii Whiteboard.

8:41: Thank Jobs for the sudden motion sensor in my MacBook Pro. Some idiot with a camcorder just tripped on me, and my MacBook Pro flipped into the air. Literally. It seems to be okay.

8:47: Back to the developing world. is on stage talking about microcredit/microfinance.

8:50: WiMAX. 50,000,000 people to be covered by end of the year with WiMAX of some form.

8:57: Healthcare. Mr. Barrett lied down on the floor to demonstrate the effectiveness of combining QR Codes with personal health records in an emergency. It was a lot more comical in-person.

9:04: Mr. Barrett just confirmed that the video call (going to India) on the screen was delivered via WiMAX on their end. And yes, it worked without a hitch.

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