New Media Center CableCARD Update Causes Big Trouble

Today, an odd update appeared for Windows Media Center owners with CableCARDs. Specifically, the ATI Digital Cable Tuner Update which is now available.

Two odd things with this update. One, it claims to be a new update, yet claims to not contain anything new. After updating, users report still being at firmware 1.17. Two, after running the update, things work fine for a few minutes… then trouble starts to happen.

Specifically, the CableCARD setup stops working… completely. Users see a Restricted Content warning on all channels.

As much as I usually tell people to update-upon-release, I’m going to suggest avoiding this one. I’ve already had six people confirm it.

I know it seems like I’m really going after Microsoft on CableCARD recently. This post is merely coincidental. I really do hope that Microsoft improves CableCARD, gets the cost down (competitive with TiVo), and that they finally hash out the DRM fiasco. I’m not a detractor against CableCARD, I actually like it much more than the cable operators… we’re just stuck in last-mile issues with making it work properly.

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