On The Subject of Hate

My grandfather fought in World War II, in combat, only to be turned away from restaurants when he came back. Because he was Jewish.

He fought for our freedom, and even after the Holocaust was laid bare to all, was still treated like crap by some of his fellow citizens.

That man taught me to debate, mostly because we didn’t agree at all on economic matters. He was a Keynesian and I was a classical economist by age nine (not trying to brag, ask any Keynesian). He wasn’t wealthy, and he didn’t control American media. He taught me that some Americans will always be stupid, but we as a society have to be better than that. That we can be the best society in the world, if we push back against hate.

For years, I’ve pointed out that the Nazi party was left-wing fiscally and right-wing socially. With communism rising, it fractured the democracy/republic movement, and forced people to “pick a side” against an opponent that was both very similar – and very different. I’ve spent a lot of time sorting out how the slotting of evil allowed Nazism to rise and almost destroy freedom in Europe – if not the world.

Those that describe Nazis as “far left” or “far right” do a disservice to the whole political dialogue today. Both sides need to avoid embracing the authoritarian evils within. If you think your side is immune to that, you’re sadly mistaken.

I will not support anyone that doesn’t stand in the face of that, and decry moves to tip either party towards that movement. I couldn’t live with myself otherwise. You can’t support antisemitism, and support Israel. It doesn’t work, and anyone that tries – is going to look very stupid after an election.

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