Apple’s A2DP Rabbit Hole Gets Deeper (Updated)

Yes, as I’m sure you may have noticed, iPod touch is conveniently missing Bluetooth. Though many have confirmed already that it has the hardware, Apple submitted iPod touch to the FCC with it disabled. Now, you’re probably wondering “what on earth is going on here… Apple now can do Stereo Bluetooth in iPod, Mac, and […]

Nasty Safari 3 Beta Bug & WordPress

Yes, I have plugged Safari on this blog. No, I am not currently using it very much. Why? Because a Safari 3 beta bug with the latest versions of WordPress. Basically, when you edit an entry with Safari 3, all paragraph and line breaks are released… resulting in the saved entry being one massive paragraph. […]

iPod touch: Where’s the Mail?

The one thing that I do not understand about iPod touch is the lack of Mail. Apple’s email client would run just fine on iPod touch… just as well as it runs on iPhone. Leaving out other iPhone applications is actually understandable, for transitory reasons. Apple’s Notes application was not iPod-compatible… it did not work […]

SMARTReporter 2.3.0 Released

There is only one utility that Mac OS X should have… but doesn’t, and that’s constant SMART drive monitoring. The SMART status of your hard drive is an early-warning system that tries to predict when your hard drive is about to fail. Granted, some types of failures simply cannot be predicted, but SMART has saved […]

Quad CableCARD and I Don’t Care (Updated)

Microsoft has announced that Windows Media Center (Vista) will be upgraded to support up to four CableCARDs. Unfortunately, I couldn’t care less. In case you don’t know, CableCARD allows devices like TiVo and Windows Media Center to receive digital (and high definition) cable channels. Problem is, CableLabs, the folks behind CableCARD, refuse to allow anyone […]

An Idea for AutoPatcher: Roll Your Own (Updated)

A lot of my friends have chatted me up on AutoPatcher’s demise. And I’ve been thinking about the issue myself, especially after I had to start suggesting hotfixes again. But I have come up with a good idea on the matter. Some have, for awhile, scripted Microsoft’s download site to download all available updates for […]

Belkin N1 Vision: It Sinks!

Okay, fine, I didn’t put a $200 router into a tub of water and test if it floated. But the Belkin N1 Vision is the first 802.11n router that I’ve found which works well with Apple’s 802.11n cards (aside from Apple’s of course). Granted, performance is a bit slower (about 10 mbps on average). I […]