Same Old Blog, Brand New Look

I updated my blog’s look and feel this week. While making good on a New Year’s Resolution to do so, I haven’t had a lot of time to write here.

Can’t give a total update as to why, but I’ve been putting together a great new team for the hopes of putting on a new, venture-backed play in the near future. We’re really close now.

So, my apologizes if I don’t post very often. At least, when I do, it will look nice. Admittedly, the old theme was a hack on my part. This time around, all the credit goes to Theme Hybrid’s Chun WordPress theme.

I do plan to make a few edits to it. Most notably, a continue reading button on the home page for each article. A similar tweak over on is long overdue as well.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be busy planning/tinkering on the Next Big Thing™ and hope to share that with everyone soon! As with any startup play, it’s a delicate balance of teambuilding, innovation, and prayer. Most notably, praying someone with a thousand times your budget isn’t working on the same concept…

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