Sorry, Covered California’s Still Broken

I live tweeted last year’s Covered California failures. Mostly because I had no other choice – my aunt was dying of cancer right as the nation’s healthcare system was being “fundamentally transformed.” I needed to know how to get her a plan if it came to that.

Thankfully it didn’t. But, this year everyone said things will be all better.

Are they? Not really. Today I got yet another new error. My open enrollment has been a mess, as I feared and expected. I’m being booted off my plan, and can’t sign up for a new one because of system errors.

Below is the latest. I’ll be calling on Monday, to be stuck in a queue of “whoopsie” applications. I anticipate that I will probably have to buy an off-exchange plan until Covered California can get to my problem/case/appeal/fail/whatever.

But to say it’s fixed and working fine, is simply incorrect.


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  1. Christopher Price
    Christopher Price November 24, 2014 at 6:26 pm |

    Today I successfully re-enrolled to Covered California. The process entailed withdrawing and then restarting my application from scratch after Covered California manually cleared an errant hold on their end.

    Would an ordinary person think to do that? Probably not, at least, not without more phone calls to Covered California.

    If you are having system errors – try withdrawing your application and starting from scratch. If that fails, call Covered California customer service. Then, after they clear out whatever is blocking on their end, withdraw and start from scratch again.


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