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  1. Wallace G Wilkinson Jr
    Wallace G Wilkinson Jr March 15, 2009 at 2:48 am |

    Mr. Price, that sounds great and if worked for you, As we say here in Australia “Good on ya’ mate”, but when that fails? and running disc utility booted from the O/S disc can’t fix them? and when Techtool Pro v4, Drive Genius 2, and Disc Warrior v4, and Applejack in single user mod, nor Onyx, Or MacPilot, or re-installing AFTER A “ZERO OUT” NOT AN ARCHIVE AND INSTALL OR A ERASE AND INSTALL, but an actual 45 minute zero out, then re-install, and when you find out that doesn’t work, then you go back and re-partition, which is the only way to really get rid of the directory, and you install from there, what do you do when you FINALLY figure out after 7 re-installs 4 apple tech support reps (for 5 hours in a 24 hour period – not because the permissions errors were that bothersome BUT BECAUSE IF LEFT UNATTENDED THEY CAN AND DID IN MY CASE CAUSE A FULL BLOWN, SURE FIRE KERNAL PANIC THAT I CANNOT GET RID OF. To the point I suspected a Hardware issue or failure of some kind, but the 3 hour Apple Hardware Test that i did TWICE said nope! ), 3 product specialists and 1 “team Apple” engineer as I call them, can’t seem to fix the problem, and in fact (except the engineer) denied there was a problem, and further stated “Permissions errors don’t cause any real problems”, that is so WRONG on so many levels. And the Apple engineer agreed. He said and I quote “the tech personnel just didn’t understand what they were saying” For those who have MACS that have many users but 1 Administrator and have permissions errors and don’t see what what the big deal is, even if your system doesn’t have a nervous breakdown, like mine did, check closely and see just what permissions it’s giving or taking and to and from whom?

    That’s the whole point is to keep everybody out of certain system files EXCEPT the owner, which is the system, not even you or me the Administrators. Or to let designated users in to designated files with designated levels of acess, i.e read/write, read only, no acess. So no matter how they’ve changed, it can’t be good.

    Lastly the directory specifies who can/can’t use/acess which files/folders and more importantly HOW they can use them. If that gets screwed up, then by definition the system itself doesn’t understand where to put away or locate and whom for to locate such files, and left to it’s own devices, screwed up, eventually that will lead to a signifigantly slower CPU speed, more power consumption and possibly, as in my case, a full blown “stroke”. I can load and install a stable O/S as long as i do not update that in regard to the errors that I know its having, if i stay away from those, no worries. If I download them, it’s problems from hell.

    My point being the only real alternative available at this point is to re install AFTER doing A Repartition, and then don’t accept update(s): either at all, or: Raw Camera, iTunes, iLife Media Browser Support Update, in other words, if I can’t get it from an Original Apple Disc, and it is related to one of the aforementioned applications or Files, then I’m not installing it, Becuase I would rather live without whatever the update provides, than with with what they cause.

    If I am wrong and you know of another fix, PLEASE By all means tell me. If there is a way to get the updates (few as they currently are – another reason I can live without them hopefully until Apple fixes the problem) and there is a way to get these updates? Beyond singing your praises, I will nominate you for President of the US, and send you money and name my first born child after you, because I can’t figure it out. Apple even sent me a data capture program so I could run it during and after permissions verify and repair, which gives them far more detail than disc utility gives us. So to those who think that they aren’t a big deal, ask yourselves this. Why would Apple go the time of sending out an application to capture data and then read 8 different sets of copies of it, not at the tech support level, but at the engineer level, beyond product specialists, if it was no big deal?

  2. Christopher Price
    Christopher Price March 15, 2009 at 2:59 pm |

    First, if you’ve zeroed all sectors are are still having issues, it isn’t a permissions glitch. I want to make that clear.

    Second, you should go back to Apple and demand a resolution. The Apple Hardware Test disc is not a sure-fire diagnostic. Meaning, it can’t test everything that can go wrong with your computer. The Apple Hardware Test can’t determine if there’s a problem with your optical drive, for example. It can’t determine if you have a scratched install disc (and yes, that can be a problem even if the disc passes verification sometimes).

    Bottom line, my advice would be to ask Apple to fix the problem. If you’re constantly getting kernel panics, have them take the system for evaluation to find out what’s causing the problem for themselves.


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