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  1. j.
    j. September 18, 2017 at 11:05 am |

    apple has been getting progressively more expensive, and also, more and more proprietary. They don’t want to sell firewire adapters because they did away with firewire, even though it proved to be more stabile than the new usb3, and more stable than the thunderbolt. Thunderbolt, for all its glitz, glamour and hype, tends to bog down when it comes to importing massive video footage. There are also issues during the transfers that are uncorrectable. The only solution is to delete the footage, then download it again… a huge waste of valuable time, especially if you do video work professionally. Videos tend to not playback smoothly if transferred using the commonly accepted usb3, and the same issues occur with the thunderbolt.

    apple continues to raise its prices on all their products, while at the same time, offers less and less features that were once prevalent and common on their mac computers. Their connectivity was among the best at one time. They completely destroyed final cut by turning it into a consumer grade product. In other-words, an overrated, hyped up version of imovie, which is basically garbage when it comes to real video editing. I hate that magnetic timeline feature that they seem so proud of. It’s cumbersome and doesn’t allow for very precise micro edits that were possible with Final Cut Pro 7, their last real version of a professional edit suite.

    Final cut x tends to be sluggish and bogs down so easy. The once robust importing features are now relegated to limited amounts and many of the audio music imports don’t play well when inserted and added to video films as background.

    I have a 21″ imac that has a real trashy, garbage display. The colors are over-saturated in some places, and seriously under-saturated in others. When it comes to watching videos online, the pictures are always far too dark, and there is no way to correct it. I know… I tried over and over, tried using the monitor and display in the system preferences to change how images are displayed onscreen. It did little to nothing to affect any appreciable changes and improvement. If anything, it only got worse. This same issue occurs when using a separate screen, whether it’s an apple display, or another screen from another company. The same issues of over-saturation, or under-saturation, and videos too dark to watch. Not very useful when it comes to video edits, especially if color correction and enhancements are needed.

    I’ve worked on video production and used final cut pro 7 extensively. Yes, there were issues with it, but only minor ones, and the final results were always pleasing to spectacular. Using Final cut pro x, the results aren’t always pleasing, and the final result is never quite what is being aimed for… quality has taken a huge hit.

    I’m not a pro filmmaker, nor am I a pro producer/editor, but I have a good solid understanding of the process. I have been sorely disappointed with apple, and if I had the time and money, I’d switch to a pc… not that they are better, but they are in many ways, easier to use than macs and have so much more to offer and add to their machines, and doesn’t cost an arm and leg to do.

    What I really hate about the newest apple computers, is their lack of serviceability. Servicing and upgrading is no longer available to everyday consumers. The machines must now be taken to a so-called service technician and the service is proprietary and expensive. Until this imac, I had previously used a mac pro, which I upgraded and enhanced completely on my own and without assistance from any “apple specialist technician.” And the customer service in any of the apple stores where I am? Just plain awful. The store reps and salesmen are snotty, condescending and insulting. They actually get offended and act insulted if I ask them a technical question, and treat me like I’m stupid and ignorant. Consequently, I haven’t gone shopping at any of our local apple stores. I’d get better service and a great smile dancing naked in front of a full length mirror.


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