Watch Apple Ads in Higher Quality

For some reason, Apple doesn’t post all their TV ads in HD… still. Confusing yes, but there is a quick way to get the HD version. See, Apple’s web team makes the ads in HD, they just forget to link to them.

Let’s take the latest Coldplay iTunes ad as an example. It only plays in Large standard definition.

So, here’s what you do.

1) Download the version as source by right clicking on it (you need QuickTime Pro).
2) Pull up the source code for the page. Find the reference movie (it will have a slightly different file name).
3) Paste that URL into the browser and open the file. It should play the same file.
4) Copy the file name of the file that you downloaded. Paste it into the end of the URL (replacing the file name of the reference movie).
5) Change the resolution of the URL from something like 560×316 to 848×480.

The result? This URL, containing the hidden HD version. Done. 

And yes, I was really bored and wanted to get to do something cool. Mission accomplished.

P.S. My only interest in that ad really was that (it almost looks like) they were ripping off Final Cut Studio 2 creative to make it. Possibly a sign of FCS3 sooner rather than later?

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