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  1. Alexander Kotau
    Alexander Kotau August 22, 2022 at 9:23 am |

    Hi from the opposite side of the Globe!
    I like your slogan “It’s time to rethink the arcade”. Of cause, VR arcade gaming from home is 100% COVID-safe but it is too far from classic arcade as a form of gaming in public places. As a DIY fan I am trying to rethink classic arcade gaming in my own way. What if it will be possible to create COVID-safe , weather resistant and vandal proof gaming hardware? I made several experiments with my DIY foot-operated game controller and it looks that it is possible to created an outdoor distributed arcade gaming system where players will have possibility to communicate while keeping social distance . I understand that my project has limited functionality but from other side consumers seem to be prepared for this ganre by playing hypercasual games with extremely limited control. My experiments with drawing and video you can find in my blog. Any feedback will be appreciated 🙂


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