Yeah, I Got an Eee

After a few comments, and a few ideas… tonight I picked up an Eee PC from Best Buy.

I should note that they are currently clearancing the Init 10-inch DVD case for $9.99, and it makes an excellent tote bag for the laptop and any accessories (like, a mouse). It’s available in-store and online for that price.

My initial experience with the Eee was short lived. After installing Intel’s latest GMA950 driver, the system refused to boot. It appears that ASUS’s video BIOS doesn’t like the reference driver. So, off it goes to be recharged and get a clean install.

Also worth noting, that the XP version of the Eee (the 4G-X, which is the only Eee sold in stores at Best Buy), does not include the Linux version on the disc, or in the box. You have to seek it out and download it. I think it would have been nice for ASUS to have provided a copy of their Linux variant made just-for-Eee. Let users chose!

I have a new project brewing with the Eee, but as I’m already overworked (and have made that quite, quite clear), it will only happen when time permits.

Of course, if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to give a go on the Eee, post away in the comments.

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