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  1. Teejay
    Teejay September 12, 2011 at 7:16 am |

    I have a master mechanic who worked at the chrysler dealership for 30 years. I asked him about warranty direct and any other ones he had dealings with. He said don’t buy an extended warranty they are horrible they find every reason not to pay. I paid $1424 at warranty direct for a used 2011 toyota sienna almost out of factory warranty due to the miles. His advise was to get my money back put that money in an interest bearing savings account and add $50 a month to it. So if I have a break down I can cash flow it myself. If not I have a good amount saved for whatever.he said a guy came in his shop and needed a repair on his engine….his charge would have been $400 but the guy made him go thru the warranty company who made him take the engine apart to diagnose it……after the problem was confirmed the company made the owner of the car tow it to another facility for repairs. Would not cover the teardown nor the diagnoses which came to $1400 and that my mechanic explained was the “good buddy discount”. I called for my refund the next day only to be notified it could take up to 8 weeks to get my money back.

  2. Ray Paulsen
    Ray Paulsen September 12, 2011 at 8:24 am |

    Could take up to 8 weeks to get your money back ?

    My guess is 8 months – 8 years or never, if you ever manage to recover any funds it will be prorated huge. Please post any refund in this thread, I will be the first to offer congratulations and post how misleading I been.

  3. Mark
    Mark September 30, 2011 at 7:11 pm |

    When my warranty was almost expired on my 2006 Mazda 5 I started getting calls from this company. Before I was willing to agree with anything I asked my local Mazda dealer about it. If a Mazda dealer was unfamiliar with this offer I knew it was a red flag. In future calls from US Fidelis they told me they were based out of St. Louis, MO. I bought the car in Florida and was living in North Carolina at the time and wasn’t interested in dealing with anybody from Missouri so I told them I no longer had the Mazda 5, I had an AMC Eagle (20 years discontinued at the time) with 350,000 miles on it because I needed something four wheel drive. They told me the offer was only good up to 15 years old and not more than 200,000 miles. They asked me if I had another vehicle. I told them I had a Daihatsu Rocky (more than 15 years since sold in the US) with 298,000 miles. I guess if they were to honor that they would’ve been made too easily. As far as no vehicle inspection required goes I would’ve requested them to suggest to me a local dealer in my area that can do that for me. I bet they couldn’t do that. They probably wouldn’t want me to ask any local shops if they were familiar with their plan, not without at least getting money from me first.

  4. John
    John October 13, 2011 at 9:24 am |

    I came across this thread as I was looking if others had issues with Warranty Direct as I did on Tuesday.

    I have a 2004 Dodge Neon SRT4 which has 80K miles on it now. Based on reviews from various sites at that time, I purchased the highest level coverage, a supposed $0 deductible, “True bumper to bumper protection” as per their message, warranty from Warranty Direct.

    Well After paying thousands of dollars for the policy, 2 years ago I tried using it for my sunroof not working anymore. I had my car at the dealer’s shop and they sent out an inspector. I thought this is going to be great I can finally use my warranty. That is when the trouble began. The dealer called me and said that I my warranty company inspector had come out earlier that day and that he just left but I would have to pay for the cost if I wanted it fixed. I said what do you mean that he just left I have a bumper to bumper warranty. I called up warranty direct and they told me that the inspector left because the dealership did not have the sunroof taken apart. I called the dealer back up and they said that the request was ridiculous. They said that they were not going to take apart the entire thing to show the inspector the broken part unless they were guaranteed pay for the labor. I asked how much and they quoted me $500 because to take it apart the way that the inspector wanted, it would take a very long time. I told them to go ahead and do it and I called warranty direct to send the guy back out. Warranty Direct told me that I would have to pay for an inspector to come back out because he was already there once. I told them that it was BS. Why did I have to pay for someone to come back out when they didn’t coordinate with the dealer to begin with? Well I was not going to pay 500 + 100 = 600 to get sunroof looked at before any work was even done. They said that if the warranty company would only pay for the part that was broken if it were found faulty. WTF??? I called the dealer and told them to just forget it. My sunroof hasn’t been used since.

    Attempt #2: 10/10/2011
    I brought in my car into the dealer last Friday because the engine was misfiring and the engine light came on. Well when I called the dealer on Monday, they said that Warranty Direct ( whom they said they never ever heard of ) would NOT pay for most of the items on the bill. They would cover a few sensors and that was it. The shop had to reflash the PCM with upgraded firmware as the old version would cause the misfiring of the pistons. The misfiring caused oil to get into the crank case and air charge temperature sensor so they had to clean it out. They also had to replace the thermostat and gasket.

    Well called up warranty direct and they said that according to their file, they did not deny anything. So I called the dealer back up and they said that the number that they called with the claims department said that those items were denied. I asked them what exactly was denied and that I had bumper to bumper coverage. The dealer said that perhaps I bought the wrong policy. I told them that I was looking at it in front of my face and indeed I had bumper to bumper. The shop told me that Warranty Direct would only cover the parts and labor associated with a few sensors and thermostat. They would NOT cover the cost of cleaning up the oil that got into the crank case ( which stemmed from the misfiring ), they would NOT cover the flashing of the PCM because there was no code returned for it but only a manufacturer recommendation to update it, and that the dealer should “resuse” the antifreeze they had to drain when they replaced the gasket and thermostat.

    I told the dealer that I was not going to play this phone chain game and that I would conference call all of us in. Well I called up warranty direct’s claim special phone number and after waiting for 10 minutes the shop rep said that she needs to get back to work. I told her that I would call her back when I got the claims department on the phone. Well after another 10 minutes I got a person and immediately when I told him that I was a customer, he tried to get me off the phone and told me to call customer service. I told him no that I was calling to get it directly from them that I had bumper to bumper coverage and that nothing was denied in their system but that the dealer said that they denied it. I conferenced the dealer back in and when she asked the warranty rep if I had bumper to bumper he said yes. Then she asked why they denied this and that, and he said well we dont cover that. I jumped in and said that it was complete BS. The PCM caused this misfiring which led to the parts being broken, which led to the over flow of oil into the crankcase. They said that there was no codes to update the PCM. I told them how could the PCM tell itself that it needed to be fixed! It didnt even make any sense. Well they refused to pay it and the dealer dropped off because really they dont care who pays for the work. I was so furious and the claim guy told me that he couldnt help me anymore and when I asked for a supervisor, he said that I could only talk to the customer service department.

    I called up the customer service department and immediately asked for a supervisor. I told the lady that I was upset and that I wasnt upset at her but that after paying thousands of dollars on what was supposed to be a bumper to bumper policy, they were being ridiculous on a couple of BS items which they would still make out like a bandit from me. I told them that they were fighting me on $300 for something which I said was not arbitrary. I told them that I would not back down on this and that I would call them every single day if I had to to argue with them about it. I also told them that I was going to go to every review site on the internet and blast them for their misleading sucky coverage. The customer service rep and manager were both Very nice. They tried to work with me. The manager said that she couldnt change the outcome of the claims manager but that she could try and work with me on some of the costs. She agreed to reimburse me $100 bucks which still not even half of what I had to pay out of pocket plus the thousands of dollars wasted on WARRANTY DIRECT SUCKS!

    If others are on the fence about them I would think twice. I cant tell you what to do with your decision but I can only give you my 2 lousy experiences and total waste of money.

    and like many others have stated, their hold time on the phone was like 15 minutes.

  5. Jennifer McAnally
    Jennifer McAnally November 22, 2011 at 9:58 pm |

    I just got warranty direct last month. So I took my car to get an oil change and had them check it out and see what needed repair and there were a few things wrong. Warranty Direct refused the claim and every time i talked to someone I got a different reason. They are such liars. I am cancelling my coverage after a month. I lost $100 for trusting them. If they are like this now obviously it will only be worse in the future. Too good to be true always applies!!

    Warranty direct is a total scam…look at the internet.

  6. Ray Paulsen
    Ray Paulsen November 23, 2011 at 4:40 am |

    The above post by Jennifer McAnally ” I lost $100 for trusting them ” I would be interested to know how you figure you only lost $100.

    Re Refunds – Please read the post by Teejay Sept12/11, I posted a reply to the post the same day and it’s now past 8 weeks,,, So please Teejay tell us the good news that you got your money back ?

    The only happy consumers having purchased a 3th party warranty are the ones that never had an issue.
    Other happy consumers are the ones that were fortunate enough to come across this link prior to purchase http://www.usedcartips.org/warranty.html

  7. Ed
    Ed February 24, 2012 at 4:32 pm |

    You know, I think I am the only person to have a good review of warranty direct. I had a transmission issue on my 2006 Chrysler 300, and they did take a while for inspection, and I did have to sign that I authorized a breakdown, but in the end, they replaced my transmission. I did have to pay for a new filter and fluid, but really I have to be realistic and accept that they will find something not to cover. I even received a check (4 months later, however) to reimburse me for the price of my rental when the repair took longer than expected. The dealership did tell me that my warranty guys were a pain in the butt, and it took longer than it needed to, but in the end, the car was repaired, the dealership got paid, and I got a policy that was $500 less than the competitors… its just like the old adage, do you want it done cheap, right or fast… pick 2.

  8. Renna
    Renna May 11, 2012 at 9:08 am |

    I just cancelled my Warranty Direct they pissed me off so bad I purchased an Xtra Care plan which you would think covers everything that needs to be covered but they find a way not to pay the trick is take your care in the dealership they look up the part number and then determine whether they would cover or not $1800 I have paid into this plan and can’t use it this sucks the sad part is the BBB give them this rating and people for it they take your money out right away but it take 4 to 6 weeks to get your money back what the hell after you fill out this paper work this was on a 2006 buick lucerne so it did not save me any money as a matter of fact I have to spend at $1100 to get my car fix still and when you call they try and give you this script, I went on facebook and put my comments which they probably deleted then I went to pissed consumer I will be going to bbb and placing a complaint times are hard it is cost to much to waste money on a service that is no service I am so pissed right now I don’t know what to do

  9. Ray Paulsen
    Ray Paulsen May 11, 2012 at 11:18 am |

    Renna, you just cancelled your warranty, does that mean you think you are getting money back ?,,,lol
    As for complaints to the BBB,,, it’s a joke,,, you been burned by a third party provider, and hundreds of consumers still get burned every day when the dealership business office sells them useless warranties to make huge profit,,, and trust me from experience every dealer knows these warranties are over 90 % useless, but its a cash cow for dealers.

    You been burned, but am sure you have learned a lesson the hard way.

  10. Jamal Mulkey
    Jamal Mulkey May 12, 2012 at 11:21 am |

    I have 2006 Dodge Charger RT. The factory warranty ended and I went with Direct warranty. I was put on a 18 month payment plan with a $100 deductible as I requested. Two months later I had issues with my car. I took it to a Dodge dealer, they fixed it for $1500 which direct warranty paid with no problem..I paid the $100 deductible…all this while i’m still paying on the warranty..DIRECT WARRANTY HAS BEEN GOOD TO ME..I recently bought another car and plan to go through them as well. Sorry to hear the bad stories but Direct Warranty is a good company.

  11. Ray Paulsen
    Ray Paulsen May 12, 2012 at 12:01 pm |

    Having made several posts in this forum on the subject I did mention that of all the 3th party providers Warranty Direct try to be the best,,, but the problem here is for every happy camper like you there are 20 that is not.

  12. Jamal Mulkey
    Jamal Mulkey May 12, 2012 at 4:12 pm |

    Yes, I understand. I just wanted to share my experience with the company.

  13. Texan
    Texan September 5, 2012 at 11:35 am |

    I typically don’t write reviews but Warranty Direct will deny your claim or at least make you pay for it.
    Even their road assistance service is nasty. I went to a station to get fuel with my F350 when I saw water leaking from the engine, then called the Warranty Direct (WD) for road assistance ant they said “we pay the first $50 for the wrecker and you pay the rest”. Well it would be fair if their towing company didn’t want to charge $100 to tow my truck to a mechanic shop about 1.2 miles from the gas station where my truck was. I decided to call 3 other local towing companies and their rates were $50, $60 and $45 and I ended up $45 paying from my pocket which was cheaper than using WD pathetic road service.
    Now the worse part, the mechanic found out the EGR cooler is messed up, called the WD and they DENIED the claim saying the EGR cooler is not included to my policy which has EGR recirculation system listed as covered. But they said the cooler is not part of it, really?
    Now look at the links below for the EGR recirculation system and tell me if the cooler is not part of it, but WD says it’s not.


    Anyway I paid over then $3,200.00 for a stack o paper that they call “policy” which is not worth the paper they use in the toilet.
    I read some of the other complains about WD days before I bought it, but I thought people were not being honest, or even WD competitor was writing it. But now I paid a very high stack of money to find out how bad and worthless WD direct is.
    The main reason they are still in business is because of the people buying insurance with them, and some never use it or ended paying for part of the service because the majority of the population in US doesn’t know anything about mechanics, so these poor people swallow whatever WD tell them.
    They will discretely say “shut up and pay for it because you can’t do anything against us”.
    If you save the money that you will pay for the insurance, and pay for all the maintenance you would have for your coverage, you will still have money at end.
    Be wise and keep your hard earned money.

  14. shams alam
    shams alam January 8, 2013 at 11:34 pm |

    Now I know. The mistake I made by buying extended warranty from warranty direct. they will find every reason to deny you when it comes to a major fixing. What an idiot i was to buy their warranty. I am a reasonably smart person and usually do my research but I fell into the trap of warranty direct. It is not like life insurance. It is an extended warranty. They will rip you off big time. Just save they money. Do not buy warranty from Warranty Direct. They are the God father of all warranty ripping off. I lost $3000. How can I forgive myself.

  15. shams alam
    shams alam January 8, 2013 at 11:51 pm |

    I must share this. The first time I took my car to a local mechanic shop. I told them that I had an extended warranty from Warranty Direct. The mechanic asked me what I do for a living. I said I am an electrical engineer. The mechanic said, you are a smart guy, Why did you buy an warranty. Don’t you know that they will find every reason to deny you, if your car breaks down. I though he was just an arrogant person. Weeks later, I realized that he was very right. Warranty Direct denied to fix my car. Please do your home work and research. Don’t believe me- just do some research. I don’t know how simply I can put it in writing.

  16. shams alam
    shams alam January 8, 2013 at 11:58 pm |

    If we the sufferers try our best, I think we can put Warranty Direct out of business. In this case, thousands of people will save thousands of dollars each. Let’s make it happen. In next few years, I will try my best to put Warranty Direct out of business. Readers- I just save your money- do some research.

  17. Christopher Price
    Christopher Price April 2, 2013 at 12:33 am |

    Related Article: This time I take a stab at Chrysler’s new lifetime bumper-to-bumper warranty extensions: http://christopherprice.net/chrysler-mopar-lifetime-bumper-to-bumper-warranties-a-hidden-gem-2345.html

  18. Ray Davis
    Ray Davis April 11, 2013 at 7:08 am |

    I’ve had three different policies with Warranty Direct. Needless to say, if I wasn’t satisfied with them the first time, I wouldn’t have bought two additional policies. I’ve never had a problem with Warranty Direct. I fully understand what is and what is not covered by my policy. I would use them again.

  19. mike
    mike July 28, 2014 at 5:59 pm |

    Ok, I have a warranty direct policy and frankly I’m very happy and imposed with the company and how they have kept my jetta now going on 194k miles running strong 1 new a.c. compressor 1 transmission 1 injection pump and finally a window motor. I see complaints and every bitching about them and frankly if a party is not covered or hours bad due to neglect ok likewise, your the idiot not this company. Everyone is in business to make money, and these guys are honest and reliable. And I’m sick of people saying they are horrible. If you think they are horrible you did not read the contract before you bought it!

  20. Michele
    Michele February 18, 2016 at 4:51 pm |

    Thank you so much to the people who posted above. I was just about to sign up with an extended warranty with Warranty Direct. After reading the complaints above I will pass. I am so sorry to hear about your experiences and maybe I can help you. For all who felt they were scammed by this company. Please contact your State Attorney General office and the Federal Trade Commisson and tell them what they are doing. That is the only way this company and companies like it will be investigated and made to either change or permanently shut down. God Bless.

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