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  1. Tyrus
    Tyrus June 8, 2008 at 10:42 am |

    Now 6 months later and SP1 released, Apple Intel computer sales appeared to have sored largely because of people like me- Lifetime PC users since the DOS days that are high end users that wanted Vista to work and tried everything possible to make this applications, devices work, a long with graphics, sound lag while big name companies still refusing to support vista because MS have not finished their platforms two years later. After discovering that MS would not allow any other OS on their high end graphics models and that in order to have one, I would have to pay for Vista, I thought long and hard for a solution to beig forced to buy an an OS I would never use in order to buy an older OS that did work made by the same company and found one.,I bought a MacBookPro (APPLE), and load XP using “bootcamp” and now have the 2 strongest and fastest OSs. Overall I ended up spending less buying a mac than I would have using my PC.

    Major drawbacks if any-Apple has issues increasing HD space it costs a lot change out a hard drive in an apple. The company still has not figured out how to do it and make it simple like the rest of the PC world. Partically due to Jobs obsession with the way things look even o the bottom of the computer-silly I know. Also Apple has not adopted Blue-Ray and have solid devices that will work with eStata-Faster drives. They are behind the curve. Despite these issues, getting away from Vista is worth it

    I returned 3 power Vista computers. I have no stress anymore and now have XP as a back as I find this applications I need on OSX and slowly move away from MS.

    Maybe you have another idea for a story


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