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  1. American Fuel
    American Fuel May 7, 2013 at 2:59 am |

    This artical is full of misinformation and our right lies! Ethanol is not subsidized and will not harm your engine. Ethanol burns cooler not hotter!

  2. USA
    USA May 7, 2013 at 5:30 am |

    I would like to see your sources. This blog post is full fallacies. Ethanol burns cleaner and cooler than gasoline. E15 has been approved by the EPA for 2001 and new vehicles, there is no mixed message about it. 2001 and newer vehicles represent 75% of the vehicles on the road today and 85% of miles driven. E15 is a choice, not a mandate. Ethanol is not subsidized. In fact, the only liquid fuel subsidized today is oil. There was 6 million miles of testing on E15 before it became available with no ill effects. And, there has been over 30 million miles driven by consumers on E15 with no ill effects. Nascar has run over 4 million miles on E15! Ethanol is higher octane, higher performance, cleaner burning, AMERICAN MADE fuel.

  3. Tom S
    Tom S May 8, 2013 at 11:17 am |

    Oh gawd, here come the Ethanol police. Don’t bother responding to these morons Chris.

    Most of these comments were copied and pasted from talking points. Trying to mince words between ethanol and corn-grower subsidies and trying to claim that NASCAR has anything to do with the damaging effects of E15… are false premises.

    E15 wreaks havoc on cars pre-2001, and on cars 2001-2013 that can’t handle it, which are most of them. People should know that.

    Please go away Ethanol lobbyist trolls. I’d like to see who’s paying you.


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